HAUC(UK) Performance Scorecard
HAUC(UK) brings highway authorities, utilities and government together with the aim of working safely and smartly, to reduce the impact of street and road works for members of the public throughout the UK, whilst continuing to maintain the essential services that the utility companies and local authorities provide.
As part of this we publish quarterly performance data through the Performance Scorecard. The scorecard helps HAUC members to:


  • Benchmark Performance
  • Identify Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Monitor trends overall
  • Provide robust evidence for policy making or intervention 
The data required for the scorecard is from information held within systems at local authorities. Extracts are run on a quarterly basis from local authorities' street works management systems, which includes data from utility companies, as developed by the Electronic Transfer of Notification (EToN) developers.
This details the street and road works that are taking place across the county and how disruptive they are on a daily basis. All data reported on the scorecard is anonymous.
Reports are available here:
  1. England & Wales Performance Scorecard 2017/18 Q1


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